Writing is hard!

Writing is hard, pouring one’s thoughts (some could say soul?) into a written form, then sharing it for the anyone to see. And this hardship begins before you even begin to write, what should you write about after all? What goal are trying to achieve? Will let’s try and figure this out!

The Why

Well, self improvement is a thing, and as much as I’d love to procrastinate indefinitely one must still move forward. At least to try something new, if not to make it a permanent new norm!

A direct goal is to improve my ability to express myself, especially in written form, and indirectly to force myself into more experimentation as ways to generate things to write about!

The What

This is just an intro of sorts, most prominently I imagine posts to be more focused on tech related things, maybe new technologies I find interesting, or things I wanna try out. Or existing technologies I decide to deep-dive into.

And maybe the occasional non-technical post, who knows! The import part is to start, we’ll figure things out as we go!

Perfect, an enemy of done?

There are many enemies for finishing a thing, perhaps the strongest of those enemies if perfection! Nothing is prefect, and striving for it will only bring delays, maybes, and nothing could be done.

So let’s start now, no need for things to be perfect, no need for things be flawless, but they need to be “done”, in order to improve such that the next time you start, you’ll be a touch closer to that impossible perfection. So here we go with the bad writing :D


Let the experiment begin!